Tricel Novo 10PE Sewage Treatment Plant

The Tricel Novo sewage treatment plants are well known for their reliability and their easy installation too.

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Tricel Novo 10PE Sewage Treatment Plant

Tricel Novo 10PE sewage treatment plants are known for their dependability as well as their ease of installation. The Tricel Novo 10PE sewage treatment plants submerged aeration plant uses simple, proven fixed bed technology and is suitable for domestic, light commercial, or communal applications.

Each septic tank replacement system has three treatment zones, each of which is responsible for a different stage of the purification process.

How A Tricel Novo Works:

Stage 1: The primary chamber

During the first stage of sewage treatment, anaerobic breakdown occurs in the primary settlement chamber. After adding the wastewater, the solids settle to the bottom, separating the liquid from the solids.

Stage 2:  The aeration chamber

The next step in the wastewater treatment process is aerobic breakdown. Large populations of naturally occurring bacteria live in specially designed filter media in the aeration chamber.

The bacteria are kept alive by air, which is continuously supplied by a purpose-built pump in the unit’s top section. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media, the bacteria feed on the waste and remove it.

Stage 3:  Final settlement chamber

In the final stage of wastewater treatment, the liquid flows from the aeration chamber to the final settlement chamber. Suspended sludge containing bacteria is transported with the liquid into the settlement chamber and settles to the bottom.

A continuous sludge return system pumps the sludge back to the primary settlement chamber. The remaining treated liquid has now met the Tricel system’s required standard for safe exit.

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