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South West Tank Supplies have provided expert sewage treatment plants in Devon and Cornwall for over 20 years. We work for both commercial and residential properties supplying products from the top brands in the industry.

We have plenty of experience supplying and installing Tricel and Marsh sewage treatment plants. Our service gives you full coverage from your initial quote through to ongoing maintenance plans.

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How Does A Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

South West Tank Supplies are the best sewage treatment plant installers in Devon. Our tanks provide solutions for domestic and commercial sewage. We work with you to find the best model for your needs and offer comprehensive sewage tank installation. This means we assess your requirements and find the best fit for your property. We support you every step of the way and provide ongoing sewage treatment and maintenance services.

Here’s a brief look at the sewage treatment plant models we frequently work with at South West Tank Supplies:

Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Plants

The Tricel Novo is one of Tricel’s most efficient sewage treatment plant systems. It provides compact sewage treatment solutions that comply with the new septic tank regulations introduced in January 2020. The Tricel Novo is fast and cost-effective to install, requiring minimal maintenance compared to other systems.

Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant

Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plants

Marsh Ensign is one of the most efficient, reliable and economic systems available. They are easy to install and have low running and maintenance costs. They’re designed to last 50 years with proper care and have a 25-year structural guarantee.

Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment plant

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that there are a lot of misconceptions about sewage systems. We’re here to provide all the information that you need to make an informed decision. The following questions are what we hear the most, but don’t be afraid to call us for some friendly advice if you have a different query.

Simply put, a sewage treatment plant is used to remove impurities from a property’s water waste. This allows water to be safely discharged without affecting the local environment. Some people might think that these plants only deal with human waste, but that isn’t all. A sewage treatment plant also treats wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and washing machines.

No, they’re actually two completely different systems. Septic tanks aren’t able to treat wastewater to make it safe. Their product is a pollutant that must be released into a soakaway to process the waste. Your septic tank won’t require electricity so it’s a good choice if there isn’t a power supply.

A sewage treatment plant manages its wastewater internally, creating a cleaner effluent. This product is 95% clean and can safely be released into a stream, ditch or other watercourse. If you wish to discharge treated waste into a ditch or stream, there is no other choice. Sewage treatment plants require regular servicing and emptying and they usually run on electricity.

Yes and no. A septic tank on its own is legally only allowed to release waste into a soakaway system or a drainage field. If your septic tank is connected to a sewage treatment plant, the wastewater can safely discharge into a waterway.

Septic tanks will need to be emptied of solid waste and disposed of annually. South West Tank Supplies provide this service to many customers. We also offer septic tank troubleshooting and repairs with our expert knowledge, to keep your system in top condition.

No septic tank or sewage treatment plant is indestructible, but they can last for many years when correctly maintained. Tanks made from plastic or concrete may survive for over 40 years, whereas steel tanks have a life of 15-20 years. The lifespan of your tank will vary depending on trees or plants near the tank, water use and the items pushed through the system. Internal components, pump filters and sand filter systems may need replacing over time.

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