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Pump Stations & Grease Traps Plymouth

Our team provide a range of solutions for commercial and domestic clients including the supply and installation of pump stations and grease traps in Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon and Cornwall. All equipment supplied and fitted by our team is backed by guarantee. In addition, we only supply and install equipment from leading manufacturers. To arrange an estimate for sewage pump stations and grease traps, get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sewage Pump Stations

Our sewage pump stations are ideal for locations where there is very little gravity flow, since it functions by pumping sewage and wastewater into sewage treatment plants, cesspits, and septic tanks. Pumps are not only great for sewage systems in positions where there is insufficient gravity to transport the waste along, but they also offer the perfect solution if you are extending your property.

Grease Traps

Our team of engineers have the qualifications and skills necessary to fit grease traps which help to reduce the amount of grease that can seep into mains sewers, sewage treatment plants and septic tanks. The grease traps that we fit minimise the risk of fat build-up that can cause blockages in your sewage system. We offer models that are easy to maintain, and we have options to suit a range of budgets. As well as assessing your needs, we can provide professional advice and recommend the best unit to suit your individual circumstances.

Sewage Pump Station Installation

We have extensive experience in carrying out sewage pump station installation for residential and commercial clients. We can arrange to visit your site at an appropriate time for you to complete a survey and discuss your requirements. Following this, we will provide an estimation and identify the most suitable pump station for your needs and property. To find out how we can help, give us a call today.


Grease interceptors are often referred to as grease traps. Both terms reference the same unit.

You may require a pumping station if:

  • Gravity cannot move sewage to the closest sewer system.
  • Your sewage system passes across a ridge.
  • Gravity sewage system fitting exceeds your budget.
  • You are extending your property.

The sort of pumping station you will require depends on the pump location and the inflow needed. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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