Sewage Treatment Plants

At South West Tank Supplies Ltd, we provide our customers with a select range of sewage treatment plants in Devon from brands such as Tricel and Marsh. Each range provides the perfect coverage for your domestic or commercial sewage and wastewater treatment needs. We not only supply the treatment plants but are skilled installers that provide all-round sewage plant services from quoting to ongoing maintenance.

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What Are Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are used to remove contaminants from a domestic and commercial property’s water waste. They effectively allow water to be treated and discharged away from the property itself without the possibility of affecting the local environment. The sewage treated is not limited to human waste but also includes wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and washing machines.

Our sewage treatment plants in Devon are much preferred over the old-fashioned septic tank. They greatly reduce the chance of negatively affecting the local environment and the cost of clean-up, should there be an issue.

Sewage Tank Installation

For a comprehensive sewage tank installation, look no further than South West Tank Supplies Ltd. We cover every stage of your sewage treatment plant installation. Our 20 years of experience allows us to advise from quote to eventual installation. Depending on your requirements, installation takes from one to three weeks.

We will first come to your property, be it domestic or commercial, access your overall requirements and work with you to find the perfect sewage tank to match your property. Ensuring that the capacity is at the right level and provide any ongoing sewage treatment services you may need.

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How Does A Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

A sewage treatment plant breaks down solid waste using internal mechanisms to produce a cleaner, more ecologically friendly effluent.

The primary tank receives wastewater and sewage, which disperses the sediments and liquids. The liquor that results is pumped into the biozone chamber. A pump circulates air through the chamber, encouraging friendly microorganisms to condense the organic materials. The result is broken down and purified as a result of this.

The waste that remains after the final waste chamber is 95% clean and ready for disposal.

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Are Sewage Treatment Plants Better Than A Septic Tank?

The idea that sewage treatment plants and septic tanks are the same things is a prevalent fallacy. There are, however, some significant differences between the two.

A septic tank generates a highly polluting waste product that must be disposed of in a soakaway. The septic contaminants are then processed further by the normal aerobic soil bacteria. Septic tanks do not require electricity or maintenance. They just need to be emptied once a year.

A sewage treatment plant produces a non-polluting effluent that can be directly dumped into a stream ditch or other watercourse. They frequently demand electricity to run and will need to be serviced and emptied on a regular basis.

Tricel Novo

The Tricel Novo is the reliable choice of sewage treatment plant that is easy to install and maintain. It covers all your wastewater treatment needs. Available in a range of sizes to perfectly match your property’s requirements, ranging from 1-50PE.

Marsh Ensign

The Marsh Ensign is a robust choice of sewage treatment plant. Able to stand up to your property’s daily requirements. Paired with South West Tank Supplies Ltd expert installation, it can become the ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of eliminating pollutants from sewage to create liquid and solid (sludge) acceptable for disposal to the environment or reuse is known as sewage treatment. It’s a type of trash disposal.

Even while sewage treatment facilities can typically handle more waste than a septic tank, they nevertheless need to be emptied from time to time.

Septic tanks and drainage fields are not indestructible. They will ultimately need to be replaced. You can help guarantee that you get as many years out of them as possible with a little care and good practise operation.

Septic tanks, whether made of plastic or concrete, may survive over 40 years. The steel tank, on the other hand, will survive for 15-20 years. Other considerations include water use, nearby trees or plants, the longevity of pump filters, sand filter systems, and other internal components, as well as the items pushed through the system.

Sewage Treatment Plants Specialist

Contact your local sewage treatment services specialist in Devon and Cornwall. South West Tank Supplies Ltd have provided a second to none sewage plant installation service for over 20 years to our customers. Not only do we install sewage treatment tanks in Devon, but we also provide constant sewage treatment services for our valued customers. For more information on any of the tanks we provide or booking a site visit, contact us on 01752 936985. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.
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